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    Payment Solution specially designed for IT Business


We provide Virtual Terminal/Payment Gateway for PC Support, with a 100% approval rate and weekly payments. Centers have so far relied on popular gateways like PayPal, Authorized.net, SWREG, CC Avenue, EBS & ICICI PAYSEAL but recent changes in the norms have stalled all previous and forthcoming payments. Therefore, if you or your center is facing difficulty in acquiring payments, then we may be able to assist you just in time.

The Tech Payment provides high risk merchant accounts for businesses in high-volume industries, high-risk industries, owners with poor or bad credit, offshore or international needs, and many other circumstances that limit a company's ability to perform credit card processing.

Merchants can establish secure online transaction processing in a true one-stop shop environment. We provide all service, support, processing, technology, billing and customer care.

The Tech Payment is one of the fastest growing companies in the credit card industry. We specialize in providing offshore merchant account and high risk merchant accounts.Our objective is to give customers the full satisfaction and be a reliable provider.

We have a broad nationwide network, which runs via our processing banks to merchant accounts with an effective credit card processing service. Our low rates make it easier for our customers to keep their business in great condition. Our customer service is live and are able to assist you 24/7!

You can accept major credit cards for your sales within 24-48 hours regardless of credit history upon completion of the online application and approval.

Apply today for a credit card merchant account with our free online application and pay no application fee and no set up fee.


We understand that getting your payments processed is essential to the success of your business, so we always strive to provide the fastest approvals in the merchant services industry. Our simple and secure application process along with our industry...


Guarantee Our Worry Free Guarantee states that if you are ever unhappy with the bank or processor you have chosen, we will switch you to a new provider in our network, free of charge and you will never pay a cancellation fee. This allows you to choose


Specialists Merchant accounts always have a monthly volume limit associated with them. Many merchants often want higher volumes than what they are approved for. Traditional, low risk credit card processors are very restrictive with their monthly volumes...

Quick & Easy

Payment gateway servicea are easy to integrate in any of your website irregardless of the programming language or platform. It uses simple html form post mechanism. To integrate the payment gateway service you just need to post required parameters to the Payment Gateway's secure server.

Technology Services

Today's businesses need to continuously upgrade their technology to be in step with competition. Every industry has become critically dependant on technology to deliver value to customers. However, the challenge they face is to have the right resources and skills to manage and deliver effectively.

Our extensive experience over the last decade in varied industries has made technology our forte. And this kind of prowess is just what you need to help you win over fierce competition and fast changing business scenarios. We specialize in the Banking & Finance Services vertical and are proud partners to some of the leading financial institutions in the country.

Our Offer:

  • We can provide you with Virtual Terminal for Tech Support in no time (after verifying your credentials).
  • No upfront required as gateway access will be restricted to the sole owner.
  • We will take 26% on every sale or transaction made by your center (inclusive of transaction fee)
  • Chargeback will be reimbursed from your existing balance however it should be limited to 5%. Though, we have implemented various services to avoid even a single chargebacks and we guarantee that responding to the alert within 24-48 hours will stop the chargeback.
  • Center's exceeding 5% chargeback will be notified and will not be allowed to do future transactions.
  • You may charge the customer in any denomination however the conversion will only be displayed in USD.
  • Payments will be released “WEEKLY”.
  • Your 15 days sales amount will be kept on hold against the security of chargebacks and reserve for 180 days after closing of the account.
  • 1 first week payment will be on hold!
  • 2 week payment will be released!
  • 3 weeks payment will be on hold!
  • Thereafter weekly billing!

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We have official tie up with Payment gateway solution provider offering online payments/money transfer solution for Indian Merchants, designed to facilitate Payment Gateway System for small, medium and large websites with unique payment plans.